Sunday – Sufi Festival


2022 Festival Programme

Sunday 24th July, 10:30am - 11:00pm

T1 Theatre

Time Detail
12:40 Host (Welcome)
12:45 Quranic Recitation
12:55 Hamza Bouzhar (Nasheed)
13:30 Dawood Duncan & Ensemble (Celtic Fusion)
14:25 Ahmad Ikhlas Supported by Adbullah Mufa (Carribean Dub)
15:05 Peter Sanders (Exemplars Talk)
16:30 Oxford Maqam (Arabic Group)
17:30 Pearls of Islam (Accoustic Duo)
18:10 Loves Pilgrim (Nasheed Group)

Concert (T1 Theatre)

Time Detail
19:40 HOST (Welcome)
19:45 Quranic Recitation
19:55 Hamza Bouzhar – Qasidah Burdah Shareef Recitation
20:15 Penny Appeal Charity Partner
20:40 Sheikh Dede Whirling Ceremony
20:55 Shah e Mardan Qawalli



T4 Theatre

11:30Khayaal Theatre (Rumis Tales of Wisdom 1)
12:25Sheikh Dede (Whirling WORKSHOP)
14:10Khayaal Theatre (Rumis Tales of Wisdom 2)
15:05Sheikh Dede (Whirling WORKSHOP)
16:30Khayaal Theatre (Rumis Tales of Wisdom 3)
17:30Jumana Moon (Tariqa) Supported by Abdullah Mufa

Lawn Marquee

11:30Host (Welcome)
11:40Ahmad Ikhlas (Carribean Dub supported by Abdullah Mufa)
12:20Rakaya Fetuga (Spoken Word)
13:00Omar Afif (Moroccan Gnawa music supported by musician)
13:35Pearls of Islam (Accoustic Duo)
14:25Shah e Mardan Qawalli Taster
15:00Saj Sabri (Nasheed)
15:45Abdullah Mufa (Drumming Ney)
16:25Mecca 2 Medina (Hip Hop)
17:10Dawood Duncan & Ensemble (Celtic Fusion)

Family Marquee

10:45Arts & Crafts – Maarya Sharif
12:15Mystic Beats – Drumming Workshop
13:30Jumana Moon – Hamimsa the Chickpea Girl and other stories
14:30Mystic Beats – Drumming Workshop
15:30Jumana Moon – Hamimsa the Chickpea Girl and other stories
16:15Arts & Crafts – Maarya Sharif
17:30Mystic Beats – Drumming Workshop

Prayer Times

13:30-14:00Dhuhr Prayer – T1 Theatre
19:00-19:05Asr Prayer – Lawn Marquee
21:40-21:55Maghrib Prayers – Lawn Marquee

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